Final Comments

Summary and Final Comments

This series of blog posts was intended to be an introduction to prayer and is why the series is named Prayer 101. I have not gone into detail on topics like the types of prayer, the authority we have in prayer, spiritual warfare, or many other topics in the broader subject of prayer. These may be topics I will write a new series on at sometime in the future.

Prayer starts with worship. It starts with relationship to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; a relationship with the Trinity. Prayer proceeds to God's will for all believers and for you personally. Then prayer goes to our personal needs, for provision in our lives, spiritual, mental, and material provision. Prayer proceeds to forgiveness. Forgiveness of our sins, forgiveness of those who have sinned against us, and us forgiving ourselves of the things we have done. Then prayer goes to protection from temptation and the evil one. And prayer comes full circle back to worship.

When God created man in His image, God gave humankind full authority and control over the earth, He gave man "dominion … over all the earth…" God chose to allow humans to determine the course of events on earth. Adam was God's "ambassador" here on earth. I learned a new word plenipotentiary, defines plenipotentiary as "a person with the full authority to transact business on behalf of another." It is the word used for a foreign ambassador to the United States giving that person full authority and diplomatic immunity here in this country. We were created to be God's plenipotentiaries here on earth. When Adam was disobedient and sinned Adam surrendered control of creation to the enemy. But through Jesus Christ, God made a way to reestablish control, on the cross Jesus paid the price for sin, Jesus became the sacrifice for our sin.

Through prayer we become God's plenipotentiary here on earth. We have full authority, given by Jesus Christ to transact God's will here on earth and full immunity through forgiveness of sin as protection from the evil one. How does that work? How do our prayers affect spiritual forces here on earth? How do our prayer move spiritual forces we cannot see or do not fully understand? Why do we need to follow Elijah example and pray more than once, to continue in prayer? Am I correct, completely wrong, or somewhere in between? These and many, many more questions I am still learning the answer to, I do not have all the answers, just a lot of questions. But one thing I am absolutely sure of is that our prayers do affect the spiritual realm, our prayers do manifest God's will here on earth. What we pray matters a great deal. In prayer we get to know God, through study and reading His Word, the Bible we learn about God. The Holy Spirit will reveal the truth of God as we read and study. But I know of no better way to know God in a deeper more personal way than through prayer.

For now I hope this series of blog posts have been useful to you and have encouraged you to pray. If in any small way you are encouraged to pray then I will have accomplished what God has asked me to do by writing these posts.

A final note although I do not know the specific order that I will write I do have a series of topics planned. Forgiveness, Worship, The Names of God, the Book of Micah, and the seven habits of a highly effective Christian from 2 Timothy are all being planned.

After finishing this post I have narrowed my choices a bit, although I have not made a decision that a series on Micah it is most likely next. However, worship and the Seven Habits for a Highly Effective Christian are possibilities. I will also be reorganizing my menu structure to enable you to go to a specific series you may be interested in reading. That will also allow me to post more personal comments.

May God Bless You.
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