‚ÄčThese are the citations as complete as possible. I will correct any errors as I discover them and update these citations. 

Note as of 11/05/2019:

I use a writing tool for these posts and write them in the style of a research paper then export the paper and split it up into blog posts. I discovered that if I create the blog posts in the writing tool and export each post separately the citations that are part of the post will export as endnotes. Starting with this post end notes will be with each post and the cited works will still be a separate file. I hope this simplifies the references.

Beginning with the post on 11/11/2019 endnotes will be part of the post. The cited works will remain in this post. Because of this change I am deleting the references to endnotes 7-14 as I have added references for later posts.

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