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Self-imposed curses

A self imposed curse is one we pronounce on ourselves. Again in Genesis 27 is the account of Issac blessing Jacob. Beginning in verse 4 we see Jacob's mother Rebekah and her role in the blessing. Rebekah overhears that Issac is going to bless Esau and devises a plan to have Issac bless Jacob instead. In verses 11 and 12 Jacob objects and says that if Issac finds out he will be cursed and not blessed. In verse 13 Rebekah says "My son, let the curse fall on me." And later in verse 43 Rebekah sends Jacob to live with her brother Laban because Esau is planning to kill Jacob. The curse is fulfilled in that Rebekah never sees her son Jacob again.

Genesis 27:11-13 NIV

Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, "But my brother Esau is a hairy man while I have smooth skin. [12] What if my father touches me? I would appear to be tricking him and would bring down a curse on myself rather than a blessing." [13] His mother said to him, "My son, let the curse fall on me. Just do what I say; go and get them for me."

​In Matthew 27:11-26 we read the account of Jesus before Pilate where Pilate argues for the release of Jesus. But in verse 22 the Jews shout "Crucify him!" When Pilate washes his hands and says he is innocent of the blood of Jesus the crowd responds "His blood is on us and on our children!" They imposed a curse on themselves that continues today.

Matthew 27:24-26 NIV

When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. "I am innocent of this man's blood," he said. "It is your responsibility!" [25] All the people answered, "His blood is on us and on our children!" [26] Then he released Barabbas to them. But he had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified.

Pilate understood the spiritual principle that taking the life of an innocent man was wrong and would bring a curse on him, would open him up to negative consequences. There are always negative consequences to sin. But when the Jews took the curse on themselves and their children Pilate was free of the curse and released Jesus to the people. For the last 2000 plus years the nation of Israel has lived under this self-imposed curse.

I believe we can cause a curse on our self by the things we say about ourselves, our self image. One of the most damaging thing we can say is "I wish I were dead." And how many of us look in the mirror and say I'm to tall or to short, my nose is to big or to small, my hair is to straight or to curly? We hate our thighs, our lips, our feet, or some other body part. Who are we to say to God "You made me wrong?"

Before I go on I want to say there are parts of the topic of generational curses I do not fully understand. The area of self-imposed curses is one of those areas. I don't want to imply that a single act of speaking negatively about ourselves necessarily imposes a curse but it can open us up to influence and attack by forces of darkness. The more often we speak negatively of ourselves the more vulnerable we become to the attack of the enemy.

Not only do we, as parents, need to speak kindly to our children but we need to teach them to speak well of themselves. This does not mean or even imply that allow sin, disobedience, or rebellion to exist in our children. God does not allow these things to remain in our lives. His discipline is always administered in Love. Our discipline of our children should be administered in the same manner.

Curses as a result of a larger group we belong to

Deuteronomy 27 lists specific actions that will bring a curse into a persons life. I will only mention two that are important to recognize in this study. Verses 17 and 19 are curses that are a result of a larger group we belong to. However, I would invite you to review the entire chapter in that it was delivered on the same occasion as chapter 28. Six tribes of Israel were on Mount Ebal and six were on Mount Gerizim.

Deuteronomy 27:17 NIV

"Cursed is anyone who moves their neighbor's boundary stone." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"

Think about verse 17 in relationship to Native Americans. One cannot begin to count the number of treaties with Native Americans that have been broken in our history. If you live in a part of the country where Native Americans were oppressed and had land stolen multiple times there may be spiritual affects in your life as a result of where you live. If in your family history there was someone who had a role in these treaties or if you are Native American you may need to forgive the entire nation for oppression of Native Americans.

Verse 19 deals with foreigners, orphans, and widows. I am among the many Americans who recently learned the term Dreamers. Dreamers are children, some very young, brought to this country by their parents where the parents entered this country illegally. The laws are changing concerning the status of Dreamers. Undocumented aliens are also subject to ever changing laws and regulations. At this writing the issues of Dreamers and undocumented aliens are far from resolved and will no doubt go on for a long time in the courts. If you are a Dreamer or an undocumented alien trying to obtain resident status you may need to forgive the entire American justice system.

Deuteronomy 27:19 NIV

"Cursed is anyone who withholds justice from the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow." Then all the people shall say, "Amen!"

Our social welfare system may have laws that "withhold justice" from orphans, widows, or others who are in need. These are only two examples of a curse that may affect your life that is a result of a larger group you are part of. Social groups like a fraternity or sorority you belong to may have open you up to attack from the enemy because of some action by the group.

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